Grandmaster Roulette

The world's first bespoke published unique Identification microchipped book in the world. The first Grandmaster of Roulette in history to beat Roulette around the world.

The final Book in which my Grandmaster Roulette winning systems that broke the biggest UK Casino group Grosvenor Casinos, the oldest casino group Rainbow Casino and finally the newest casino group Broadway Casino in my home city of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

The only Person in history over 20 years playing Roulette and then to banned from multiple casinos groups for consistently winning the unwinnable game of Roulette.

The first Grandmaster to consistently win over a twenty year period with a mathematical mechanical system, NO Cheating devices, NO Roulette Computers, NO Mobile Apps, only with pen and paper on a perfectly balanced Roulette wheel since the Single Roulette wheel was conceived in 1843.

Banned in 2009 by:

Mr John Butler (Head of Security)

In 2009 I created the first Grandmaster Roulette winning system to take down the biggest UK casino group in the UK. In 2 months, I won £28,000

Banned in 2018 by:

Mr Hui Lam (Director)

Then in 2018 When Chris Said "Make as much money as you want!" I created new Grandmaster Roulette systems. In 6 months, I won £50,000.

Banned in 2019 by:

Mr Denis Dowling (Manging Director)

After Rainbow casino ban, I went finally to Broadway casino to break them, and I did. The final Grandmaster Roulette systems. In 16 months, I won £70,000.